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Legal Answering Services & Intake for Attorneys & Law Firms

Handling the unique challenges that law firms of all sizes contend with requires an exceptional legal intake team. We’ll supply that team.

Answer Calls

A friendly voice when your clients need one most, 24/7.

We understand every call or message is a potential case for you. We’ll handle every line of communication with the utmost care and empathy, qualifying leads and even sending retainers on your firm’s behalf.

Devon M.

Devon M.


Expert features, delivered properly


Seamless client experience

Prioritization is key to a smooth-running legal business. We handle appointment setting, call routing, messages, and even web chat support for your firm, 24/7/365.


We speak your clients’ language

Never let language barriers get in the way. Our bilingual agents can handle everything for you, effortlessly switching between English or Spanish, should the need arise.


True 24/7/365 support

Legal matters never sleep, and neither do we. Our legal intake staff ensures your firm is available to leads and clients whenever they need help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


No answering machines and no robots.

Secure more business for your firm, establish trust, and provide a level of care that exceeds that of your competitors with a real person at the end of every line.

Legal inbound services

Handling leads and other “Inbound” requirements is one of the best places to outsource. It not only frees up your time and attention to your clients, but ensures a streamlined process for engaging with potential new clients.

Personalized firm scripts

Because legal intake requires a highly specialized individual to handle your firm’s communication, we will tailor scripts that reflect the ethos and tone of your firm exactly as they should.

Eliminate hassle, reduce stress

We are so much more than an answering service. Think of us as a legal triage center, covering the multiple facets that are the bedrock of every successful law firm.


Business Focused

Think of Go Answer as your all-in-one receptionist—only we work twenty-four hours a day and provide even more broad services, right down into customer support online. No legal firm should be without a way to contact its clients or receive communication, even when the office is empty. Work with Go Answer to ensure that never happens to you.


Cost Optimization

Every little bit helps. Our dedication to getting it right will save you time and expense where it’s needed most. Never pay for services you don’t use.


Seamless Experience

Legal Intake requires a highly specialized kind of professional on your company’s end of the lines of communication, we’ll work with you to create the right scripts for your firm. We can even sort, record, and forward calls to ensure that everything is working with the utmost efficiency.


Dedicated Support

We’re in this together. Our transparent support structure ensures full accountability, with quick access to your dedicated account manager, 24/7/365. We’ll be there for you, whenever you need us.

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Deliver a truly personalized client experience

We’ll take the time to get to know your clients by name, making them feel welcome and valued whenever they get in touch. It’s a true win-win scenario: happy client, happier law firm.

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